Table of Contents

0.0 Preface

1.0 Introduction and General Principles

    1.1 Organization and Format of the Policy Manual
    1.2 Policies
    1.3 Language and Weight of Policy Statements
    1.4 Authority to Create or Propose Policies or Resources
    1.5 Internal Policies and Procedures
    1.6 Establishment of Norms
    1.7 Authority to Interpret Norms
    1.8 Authority to Waive Norms
    1.9 Periodic Review and Cessation of Norms
    1.10 Preservaction of Norms and Other Materials
    1.11 Familiarity With and Access to Diocesan Policies

2.0 Personnel and Information

    2.1 Norms for All Clergy and Laity
        2.1.1 Norms to Protect the Good of Persons and the Common Good in the Diocese
        2.1.2 Essential Norms and Charter for the Protection of Children and Youth
   Essential Norms and Charter
   Required Safe Environment Training for the Protection of Children and Youth
   Criminal Background Check Required for the Protection of Children and Youth
   Particular Norms for Overnight Trips with Children and Youth
        2.1.3 Code of Pastoral Conduct and Volunteer Code of Conduct
   General Norms of Pastoral Conduct
   Confidentiality and Disclosure in Pastoral Conduct
   Competence and Pastoral Conduct
   Primacy of Interest and Conflict of Interest
   Acknowledgement of Norms of Conduct
        2.1.4 Diocese of Lansing Employee Handbook
        2.1.5 Reporting Allegations of Misconduct-Abuse-Neglect
   Duty to Report Allegations of Misconduct-Abuse-Neglect-Etc
   Right to Report Allegations of Misconduct-Abuse-Neglect or Harassment
   Sexual Abuse Defined
   Maintenance of Records Related to Safe Enviroment
        2.1.6 Harassment Policy and Procedures
        2.1.7 Non-Discrimitation Policy in Schools of the Diocese
        2.1.8 Michigan Catholic Conference Public Policy
        2.1.9 Appendix I-Principles Governing the Pastoral Care of Abuse Victims
    2.2 Formation of Personnel
        2.2.1 Formation for Diocesan Priesthood
        2.2.2 Ministry Formation Program
        2.2.3 Formation for the Permanenet Diaconate
        2.2.4 Ministry Certification for Lay Ecclesial Ministers
   Financial Assistance to Seminarians-College Students
   Financial Assistance to Seminarians-Theology and Pre-Theology Students
   Financial Assistance to Aspirants and Coandidates for Permanent Diaconate
   Financial Assistance for the Ministry Formation Program
   Joseph H. Albers Trust Fund for College Seminarians
        2.2.7 Vocations Awareness Presentations

3.0 Ecclesiastical Structures and Offices

    3.1 Diocesan Structures, Offices and Bodies
        3.1.1 Diocesan Curia
        3.1.2 Diocesan Offices and Departments
        3.1.3 Councils Established by Canon Law
   Finance Council and Finance Officer
   Presbyteral Council and College of Consultors
   Diocesan Pastoral Council
        3.1.4 Synods
        3.1.5 Councils, Commissions and Boards Established by Particular Law or Practice
        3.1.6 Advisory Committees for Diocesan Offices
    3.2 Parishes
        3.2.1 Establishment, Alteration or Suppression of Parishes
        3.2.2 Parish Boundaries
   Pastoral Responsibility
        3.2.3 Churches Other Than the Parochial Church
        3.2.4 Installation of Pastors
        3.2.5 Establishing or Closing Education Related Programs
        3.2.6 Parish Statutes
        3.2.7 Parish Visitations
    3.3 Other Forms of Pastoral Care
        3.3.1 Entrusted in Solidum
        3.3.2 Entrusted Participation in the Exercise of Pastoral Care of a Parish
        3.3.3 Rectors and Chaplains
        3.3.4 Specialized Ministries
    3.4 Parish Councils and Other Bodies
        3.4.1 Parish Pastoral Council and Finance Council
        3.4.2 Other Parish Commissions and Groups
   Parish Worship Commission
   Parish Education Commission
   Parish Charitable and Social Justice Activities
   Parish Cemetery Committee
    3.5 Vicariates and Vicars Forane
        3.5.1 Vicars Forane
        3.5.2 Council of Vicars
        3.5.3 Vicariate Bodies that May be Established
    3.6 Members of Eastern Catholic Churches
        3.6.1 Pastoral Care of Eastern Catholics in General
        3.6.2 Pastoral Care of Eastern Catholics in Particular
   Eastern Catholic Children and Eucharist
   Eastern Catholics and Reconciliation
   Proper Assistant in Marriage of Eastern Catholics
   No Transfer Into Another Catholic Church by Sacramental Practice or Parish
   Eastern Catholics and Anointing of the Sick
   Eastern Catholics and Funerals
    3.7 Groups and Associations of the Faithful in the Diocese
        3.7.1 Norms for Associations of the Faithful
    3.8 Institutes of Pontifical Right and Diocesan Right
    3.9 Public Juridic Persons Subject to the Diocesan Bishop
    3.10 Members of Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter
    3.11 Catholic Charitable Agencies

4.0 Teaching Function of the Church

    4.1 Ecumenism and Inter-Religious Affairs
        4.1.1 Ecumenical Officer of the Diocese and Ecumenical Commission
        4.1.2 General Principles for Ecumenism in the Diocese
        4.1.3 Sharing Innon - Sacramental Liturgical Worship With Non - Eucharistic Services
   Participation by Catholics at Non - Catholic Non - Eucharistic Services
   Protocols for Clergy at Non - Sacramental Liturgical Worship
        4.1.4 Ecumenism and Celebration of Baptism or Confirmation
   Non-Catholic Easterns as Godparents
   Other Baptized Christians as Baptismal Witnesses
   Catholics as Godparents at Baptism in a Non - Catholic Eastern Church
   Catholics as Witnesses at Baptism in an Ecclesial Community
   Catholic Minister Reading or Offering Prayer at Non - Catholic Baptism
   Non-Catholic Minister Reading or Offering Prayer at Catholic Baptism
   Confirmation Sponsors in Ecumenical Situations
   Baptism of Infants of Non-Catholic Christians
        4.1.5 Ecumenism and the Sacraments of Eucharist, Penance and Anointing
   Penance-Eucharist and Anointing of the Sick from Non - Catholic Ministers
   Penance-Eucharist and Anointing of the Sick for Non - Catholics
   Non-Catholics Blessed at Time of Holy Communion
   Eucharistic Concelebration with Non - Catholic Ministers
        4.1.6 Preaching and Reading in Various Ecumenical Situations
        4.1.7 Ecumenism and Matrimony
   Non-Catholic Witness at a Catholic Marriage
   Catholic Witness at a Non - Catholic Marriage
   Catholic and Non - Catholic Ministers at the Same Celebration of Marriage
   Blessing of Orthodox Wedding By Priest
        4.1.8 Ecumenism and Funeral Rites
   Catholic Funeral Rites for Non - Catholics
   Burial of Non - Catholics and Non - Catholic Services in Catholic Cemetery
        4.1.9 Other Ecumenical and Interreligious Situations
   Ordination Ceremonies and Ecumenism
   Non-Catholics and Sacramentals
   Use of Catholic Churches and Buildings for Non - Catholic Worship
   Ecumenical and Interreligious, Organizations, Associations and Public Dialogue
   Certain Roles in Catholic and Non - Catholic Ceremonies
   Mass Intentions and Public Prayer for Non - Catholics
   Religious Relations with Jews, Muslim and Other Non - Christian Believers
    4.2 Preaching of the Word of God
        4.2.1 Preaching by Priests and Deacons
        4.2.2 Preaching by the Lay Faithful
    4.3 Education, Catechesis and Schools
        4.3.1 General Norms for Education, Catechesis and Schools
    4.4 Christian Initiation of Adults, Including Children of Catechetical Age
        4.4.1 General Norms for Christian Initiation of Adults
    4.5 Higher Education
        4.5.1 Teaching Theological Disciplines
        4.5.2 Campus Ministry, University Centers
    4.6 Instruments of Social Communication
        4.6.1 Communications
   Authorization to Make Statements on Behalf of the Diocesan Bishop or Diocese
   Standards for the Use of Electronic Media
   Political Guidelines, Guidelines on Lobbying and Electoral Politics for Pastors and Parishes
   Speakers at Sponsored Events or on Church Property
        4.6.2 Publications and Approvals
   Required Permissions for Certain Media Appearances
   Permission or Approval to Publish Writings Touching on Faith and Morals
   Parish Pamphlet Racks and Displays
   Naming Rights
        4.6.3 Protection of Personal Privacy and Confidential Records
   Records in Custody of Diocesan Offices
        4.6.4 Ethical Use of Communication Technology
    4.7 Profession of Faith and Oath of Fidelity
    4.8 Special Catechetical and Ministerial Issues
        4.8.1 The Dignity of Human Life and Human Sexuality
   Ministry to Persons with Same-Sex Attraction
   Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services
        4.8.2 Reproduction or Use of Protected Intellectual Property

5.0 Sanctifying Function

    5.A General Liturgical Norms
        5.A.1 Liturgical Norms Issued or Approved by the Diocesan Bishop
            5.A.1.1 Office of Worship
        5.A.2 Texts and Rites of Liturgical Celebrations
        5.A.3 Language for the Celebration of Sacraments and Sacramentals
        5.A.4 Usage of Extraordinary Form (Roman Missal of 1962)
        5.A.5 Celebration of a Sacrament in an Eastern Catholic Rite
        5.A.6 Interpreters and Translators in Liturgical Celebrations
        5.A.7 Use of Oils as Sacramentals and in Devotional Use
    5.B Qualified Right to Sacraments and Spiritual Goods
        5.B.1 Right to Sacraments and Spiritual Goods in General
        5.B.2 Rights and Prerogatives of Catechumens
        5.B.3 Rights and Prerogatives of Candidates for Reception Into Full Communion
        5.B.4 Christian Initiation of Persons in Invalid Marriages
        5.B.5 Right and Delay of Infant Baptism
        5.B.6 Right of Access to Confession by Young Children and Those with Disability
        5.B.7 Penance and First Communion in the Sequence of Sacraments
        5.B.8 Admission to and Denial of Holy Communion
        5.B.9 Denial of Recommendation for Confirmation
        5.B.10 Right to Marriage, Delay for a Just Cause and Resources
        5.B.11 Right of Christian Funeral and Denial
    5.C Urgent Situations, Including Danger of Death
        5.C.1 Baptized Non - Catholics and Sacraments in Danger of Death
        5.C.2 Baptism in Danger of Death
        5.C.3 Rites and Catechesis After Baptism in Danger of Death
        5.C.4 Confirmation in Danger of Death
        5.C.5 Communion to Baptized Child in Danger of Death
        5.C.6 Viaticum in Danger of Death and Repeatability
        5.C.7 Confession and Absolution from Censure in Danger of Death
        5.C.8 General Absolution in Danger of Death
        5.C.9 Pre-Marriage Investigation in Danger of Death
        5.C.10 Marriage Dispensations in Urgent Danger of Death and Emergencies
        5.C.11 Anointing of the Sick in Danger of Death
        5.C.12 Reporting and Recording Sacraments or Dispensations in Urgent Situations
    5.D Conditional Conferral of Sacraments
        5.D.1 Conditional Baptism, Proof of Baptism and Validity of Non Catholic Baptism
        5.D.2 Conditional Administration of Confirmation
    5.E Proper Place, Parish and Times for Acts of Divine Worship
        5.E.1 Proper Parish and Place for Divine Worship in General
        5.E.2 Proper Parish of Baptism
        5.E.3 Proper Place of the Celebration of Mass
        5.E.4 Proper Parish and Place of Marriage
        5.E.5 Place of Confession and Confessionals
        5.E.6 Place and Proper Parish of Funeral Rites
        5.E.7 Restricted Times for Certain Acts of Divine Worship
    5.F Offerings Associated with Acts of Divine Worship
        5.F.1 Stole Fees
        5.F.2 Recording Mass Offerings, Stipends and Obligations
        5.F.3 Mass Offerings, Stipends
        5.F.4 Collective Mass Offerings
        5.F.5 Mass Associations and Pious Foundations
        5.F.6 Offerings and Fees at the Occasion of Marriage
    5.G Sacramental Records, Recording and Reports
        5.G.1 Parochial Registers and Sacramental Records
            5.G.1.1 Parochial Registers in General
            5.G.1.2 Non Sacramental Records and Materials
            5.G.1.3 Records for Catholic Schools
            5.G.1.4 Responsibility for Registers and Sacramental Records
            5.G.1.5 Security and Restricted Access of Parochial Registers and Records
        5.G.2 Recording in General
            5.G.2.1 Inscription of Sacramental Records and Registers
            5.G.2.2 Entry or Change of Sacramental Record by Use of Authentic Document or Declaration
            5.G.2.3 Correction of Error in Sacramental Records and Registers
            5.G.2.4 Name Change and Sacramental Records
            5.G.2.5 Correction of an Omission in Sacramental Record, Specifically an Omitted Baptism
        5.G.3 Access to Sacramental Records
            5.G.3.1 Issuing Sacramental Certificates to Individuals and Church Authorities
            5.G.3.2 Access to Sacramental Records for Civil Purposes
            5.G.3.3 Sacramental Records Older Than 90 Years
            5.G.3.4 Sacramental Records Prior to 1940
        5.G.4 Recording Catholic Baptism, Catechumenate and Election
            5.G.4.1 Recording Rites of Acceptance and Election in the Book of the Elect
            5.G.4.2 Recording Catholic Baptism in General
            5.G.4.3 Recording and Reporting Baptism in Cases of Unmarried or Unknown Parents
            5.G.4.4 Recording and Certifying Baptism Occurring After a Civil Adoption is Completed
            5.G.4.5 Recording and Certifying Baptism Occurring Before Adoption is Finalized
            5.G.4.6 Baptismal Records, Parents, Godparents and Proxies
        5.G.5 Recording Reception into the Catholic Church
        5.G.6 Recording and Reporting Confirmation
        5.G.7 Recording and Reporting First Holy Communion
        5.G.8 Recording and Reporting Marriage
        5.G.9 Recording and Reporting Deaths
        5.G.10 Recording Special Notifications that are Received
            5.G.10.1 Recording Ordination, Religious Profession, Eremetic Life, Consecrated Virginity
            5.G.10.2 Recording Reunion or Reconciliation of a Person Who had Defected
            5.G.10.3 Recording Nullity or Dissolution of Marriage
            5.G.10.4 Recording Ascription to a Church Sui Iuris, Change of Rite
        5.G.11 Records Pertaining to Personal Ordinariate (Anglicanorum Coetibus)
    5.1 Baptism and Reception of Infants
        5.1.1 Parish Involvement in Baptism of Infants
        5.1.2 Instruction and Preparation for Infant Baptism
        5.1.3 Qualifications and Duties of Godparents in Infant Baptism
        5.1.4 Rite of Bringing a Baptized Child to the Church After Recovery from Danger
        5.1.5 Reception of Infants into the Catholic Church
        5.1.6 The Occasion of Celebrating the Baptism or Reception of Children
        5.1.7 The Minister of Baptism
        5.1.8 Baptism of Infant of Eastern Catholics, Non - Catholic Christians or Non - Baptized Parents
    5.2 Sacrament of Confirmation
        5.2.1 Celebration of Confirmation
        5.2.2 Those to be Confirmed and Length of Preparation
   Obligation to Receive Confirmation
   Confirmation in Typical Circumstances
        5.2.3 Materials for Confirmation Preparation
        5.2.4 Confirmation Sponsors
        5.2.5 Clarifying and Obtaining the Faculty of the Minister is Impeded
        5.2.6 Faculty to Confirm When the Scheduled Minister is Impeded
        5.2.7 Confirmation Issues Involving Other Churches and Ecclesial Communities
    5.3  Most Holy Eucharist
        5.3.1 Minister of the Most Holy Eucharist and Ministers of Holy Communion
   Permission to Celebrate if Priest is Unknown
   Permission for Bination and Trination
        5.3.2 Liturgical Roles of the Lay Christian Faithful
   Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
   Ministers of the Word, Readers
   Altar Servers
   Ministers of Hospitality
   Honor Guards and Other Liturgical Protocols
        5.3.3 Participation in the Most Holy Eucharist
   Admission to and Denial of Holy Communion
   Reception of Holy Communion More than Once a Day
   Eucharistic Abstinence
   Reception in Any Catholic Rite
   Obligation to Participate at Mass on Sundays and Other Holy Days of Obligation
   Easter Precept
        5.3.4 Communion Services and Sunday Celebrations in Absence of a Priest
            5.3.5 Rites and Ceremonies of Eucharistic Celebration
   Valid Matter for Eucharist, Mustum and Low Gluten Hosts
   Distribution and Reception of Holy Communion
        5.3.6 Repeating Liturgical Services, Holy Thursday and Triduum Schedules
   Additional Masses and Services During Holy Thursday and Triduum
   Norms for Scheduling Masses
        5.3.7 Reservation, Custody and Veneration of Most Holy Eucharist
   Reservation and Custody of the Most Holy Eucharist
   Adoration, Exposition and Benediction
   Purification of Sacred Vessels
    5.4 Sacrament of Penance
        5.4.1 Penance in General
        5.4.2 Use of Interpreter and Writing in Confession
        5.4.3 Forms of the Sacrament of Penance
   Reconciliation of Individual Penitents (Form 1)
   Reconciliation of Several Penitents with Individual Confession and Individual Absolution
   Reconciliation of Penitents with Generic Confession and General Absolution
        5.4.4 Penitential Services
        5.4.5 Special Issues Arising in Sacramental Confession
    5.5 Sacrament of Anointing of Sick and Healing Services
        5.5.1 Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick
        5.5.2 Apostolic Blessing at the Time of Death with Plenary Indulgence
        5.5.3 Oil of the Sick
        5.5.4 Liturgical and Non - Liturgical Healing Services
    5.6 Matrimony
        5.6.1 Matrimony, General Norms
   Matrimony, Provincial Guidelines
   Diocesan Guidelines for Preparing the Wedding Liturgy
   Parish Wedding Policies
   Civil Requirements for Marriages
   Encouraging Sacramental Practice Before Marriage
        5.6.2 Investigation of Freedom to Marry and Banns of Marriage
        5.6.3 Preparation for Marriage and Special Circumstances
        5.6.4 Requirements of Canon 1125 in Mixed Marriage, Disparity of Cult and Other Cases
        5.6.5 Permissions Required for Lawful Marriage and Recommended Consultations
   Permissions for Mixed Marriage
   Permissions for Lawful Marriage Required by Canon 1071
   Other Cases Requiring Permissions for Lawful Marriage
   Recommended Consultation Before Marriage
        5.6.6 Dispensations for Marriage
   Dispensation from the Canonical Form of Marriage in Mixed Marriages
   Dispensation from Diriment Impediments Arising from Ecclesiastical Law in General
   Dispensation from Disparity of Cult
        5.6.7 Authorized Assistant at Catholic Marriage and Delegation
        5.6.8 Celebration of Marriage
   Selection and Use of Catholic Rites of Marriage
   Time and Day of Marriage
   Place of the Celebration of Marriage
   Witnesses in a Canonical Celebration of Marriage
        5.6.9 Special Marriage Situations
   Testimonial Letters (Nihil Obstat) for Marriages Involving Other Dioceses
   Separation from Conjugal Living While Bond Endures
   Convalidation of Marriage
   Radical Sanation of Marriage
    5.7 Other Acts of Divine Worship, Including Funerals
        5.7.1 Sacramentals, Including Blessings and the Minister of Sacramentals
        5.7.2 Liturgy of the Hours
        5.7.3 Ecclesiastical Funeral Rites
        5.7.4 Sacred Images and Relics
        5.7.5 Dispensations and Commutations of Private Non - Reserved Vows and Oaths
    5.8 Sacred Places and Sacred Times
        5.8.1 Use of Sacred Places for Other Worthy Purposes
        5.8.2 Churches
        5.8.3 Oratories, Private Chapels, Shrines and Altars
        5.8.4 Cemeteries, Mausoleums and Columbaria
   General Norms for Cemeteries, Mausoleums and Columbaria
   Cemetery Records in General
   Cemetery Records in Particular
   Disinterments, Removals and Exhumations
   Neutrality Regarding Proivders of Funeral and Monument Services
   Programs of Care, Endowed Care Fund and Surplus Funs of Cemeteries
   Sale of Tangible Property or Commodities of Cemeteries
   General Liability and Worker Compensation Insurance for Work in Cemeteries
        5.8.5 Holy Days of Obligation and Their Dispensation or Commutation
        5.8.6 Days of Penance, Lenten Obligations
        5.8.7 Dispensation or Commutation of Obligation of a Day of Penance
    5.9 Clergy, Religious and Lay Ecclesial Ministers
        5.9.1 Life and Ministry of Clergy
   Obligation of Divine Office and Dispensation
   Clerical attire and Title
   Clergy in Political Activities, Unions, Military Service, Civil Duties
       Priests in Political Activities, Unions and Military Service
       Deacons in Political Activities, Unions and Military Service
   Continuing Education and Spiritual Development of Clergy
       Continuing Education and Spiritual Development of Priests
       Continuing Education and Spiritual Development of Deacons
   Retreats of Clergy
       Requirement of Annual Retreat for Priests
       Deacons' Retreat
   Sabbaticals for Priests
   Clergy Last Wills, Insurances and Power of Attorney for Health Care
       Last Will and Testament of Priests
       Last Will and Testament of Deacons
       Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care by Clergy
       Durable Power of Attorney
   Funerals of Clergy
       Funerals of Priests
       Funerals of Deacons and Spouses
       Diocesan Pact for Masses for Deceased Priests and Deacons
   Annual Reporting by Clergy
       Annual Reporting by Priests
       Annual Reporting by Deacons
        5.9.2 Status of Clergy
   Incardination of Clerics
       Incardination of Priests
       Incardination of Deacons
   Certification of Suitability of Clergy
       Priests and Deacons Visiting the Diocese of Lansing
       Certification of Incardinated Priests and Deacons or Those with Diocesan Faculties
   Extern Clergy Residing and Ministering in the Diocese
       Extern Priests
       Extern Deacons
   Presence, Residence or Ministry of Diocesan Clergy Outside the Diocese
       Presence, Residence or Ministry of Diocesan Priests Outside the Diocese
       Presence, Residence or Ministry of Diocesan Deacons Outside the Diocese
   Priest and Deacons Assignments
       Assignment of Priests
       Assignment of Permanent Deacons
       Ministry Agreement of Deacons
   Leave of Absence of Priests and Deacons
       Leave of Absence of Priests
       Leave of Absence of Deacons
   Senior Status and Resignation of Clerics from Assignments
       Resignation of Priests from Ministerial Office or Appointment
       Resignation of Priests in View of Senior Status
       Resignation of Deacons from Ministerial Office or Appointment
       Senior Status of Deacons
        5.9.3 Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life
   Vicar or Delegate for Consecrated Life
   Institutes of Diocesan Right
   Apostolate of Institutes and Relations with Religious
   Entrusting of a Parish to a Religious Community
   Consecrated Virgins and Hermits
   Third Orders
        5.9.4 Remuneration, Benefits and Support of Clergy and Religious
   Priest Salaries and Compensation
       Salaries and Compensation for Incardinated Priests
       Salaries and Compensation for Priests who are Candidates for Incardination
        Salary and Benefits During Approved Sabbaticals of Priests
       Priest Retirement Plan and Pension Benefits
   Social Security Coverage or Exemption
       Social Security Coverage or Exemption 
       Social Security Coverage for Permanent Deacons
   Support for Permanent Deacons
       Financial Assistance for Ministry of Deacons
       Church Employment of Deacons
       Deacon Assistance Fund
   Compensation Package for Religious
        5.9.5 Faculties of Clergy and Lay Ecclesial Ministers
   Provincial Faculties for Priests
   Faculties of Permanent Deacons Assigned to Parish or Other Ministerial Service
   Faculty of Priests to Dispense and Commute Private Non - Reserved Vows
   Faculty of Priests to Grant Apostolic Blessing with Plenary Indulgence
   Faculties for Visiting/Extern Clergy
   Power of Vicars Forane to Grant Matrimonial Permissions and Dispensations
   Power to Grant Permission or Faculty to Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
   Authorizations of Those Entrusted with Participation in the Pastoral Care of Parishes
        5.9.6 Lay Ecclesial Ministers
   Competency and Eligibility for Lay Ecclesial Ministry
   Commissioning for Lay Ecclesial Ministry
   Lay Ecclesial Ministers and Divine Worship
   Performance Evaluations and Annual Reporting for Lay Ecclesial Ministers

7.0 Status of Persons and Vindication of Rights

    7.1 Processes for Nullity and Dissolution of Marriage, Tribunal
    7.2 Protection of Rights of Accused Persons
        7.2.1 Rights and Obligations of Those Accused of Sexual Abuse of Minors
        7.2.2 Rights of Other Persons Accused of Other Misconduct
    7.3 Anonymous, Unsigned Letters
    7.4 Means of Resolving Disputes and Grievances
        7.4.1 Employee Disputes and Grievances in General
        7.4.2 Grievances in Schools and Catechetical Programs
    7.5 Civil Lawsuits and Settlements