1.11 Familiarity with and Access to Diocesan Policies

1. Those who direct or conduct any significant aspect of the Church’s ministry in this diocese must be familiar with the contents of this document and any changes that occur from time to time. This includes pastors, chaplains, rectors, parochial vicars, deacons, pastoral coordinators, principals, directors and coordinators of catechetical ministries, directors of liturgical and social ministries, diocesan department chairs, office directors, directors of agencies sponsored by the diocese, and diocesan staff.

2. Secretaries, office managers, bookkeepers and any others whose duties rely on knowing certain norms in this document must know the applicable norms. It is recommended that they know the entire content of this document.

3. The administrator of a diocesan department, parish, school or other institution is to inform any new appointee or employee belonging to the categories mentioned above about this document.

4. Since volunteers are subject to a variety of norms, especially those contained in #2.1 Norms for All Clergy and Laity, the administrator must inform them of these norms and any others that pertain to their volunteer service.

5. It is recommended that at least one printed copy of this document be maintained in each parish and institution for ease of access in a central location from which Church ministry is conducted. It may be freely printed,but care should be taken that the materials are current.

Date approved by Bishop

Posted by
Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor