1.2 Policies

1. The policies in this manual state norms issued by the diocesan bishop that require, prohibit, recommend or permit certain actions in the diocese.

(Policies clarify the various rights, duties, and powers to act in conducting the sanctifying, teaching and governing functions of the Church in the diocese. Diocesan policies may reflect a particular law or an administrative decree that the diocesan bishop has issued in his own name. As well, they may reflect his approval of some provision made or recommended to him by a council, department, or office of the diocesan curia, or by another body established in the diocese. Diocesan policies may also arise from other laws, decrees, instructions, or liturgical regulations issued by supreme authority in the Church, dicasteries of the Holy See, the episcopal conference or the bishops of the Province of Detroit.  They might also take into account civil laws which the Church observes. Although policy and procedure are not identical notions, a diocesan policy may contain steps or methods that are required or recommended to execute or apply a diocesan policy, or even another law issued by a Church or civil authority.)

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