1.6 Establishment of Norms

1. Diocesan policies, procedures and other norms become established when the diocesan bishop issues or approves them, and then promulgates them (makes them public). [1]

2. They become effective one month after this promulgation. [2] The diocesan bishop may freely specify another effective date.

3. Ordinarily, they become promulgated when notification is given on the diocesan website, and they are inserted into this document or incorporated by reference into it. The diocesan bishop may freely specify another mode of promulgation.

4. These notices, as well as any other kind of material must be posted at the diocesan website, and must give indication of their source (e.g., name of office or authorized person) and their date. [3]

5. Notice of any new norm and of any change of a norm should also be given in the Friday E-News and/or by common electronic notification to affected constituencies.

6. The diocesan chancellor is responsible to see to these notices.

[1] C. 8 §2.

[2] C. 8 §2.

[3] http://www.dioceseoflansing.org

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor