1.8 Authority to Waive Norms

1.    The diocesan bishop can dispense from these diocesan norms. [1]

2.    Local ordinaries (vicars general and episcopal vicars [2]) can also dispense from diocesan norms unless the nature of the norm indicates that the diocesan bishop has reserved any dispensation to himself, or has done so in fact. [3]

3.    Others cannot dispense from these norms unless the norm states so itself, or the diocesan bishop gives them that power in writing. [4]

(A “dispensation” is a relaxation of a disciplinary law for a just or serious reason by a competent authority. In common language, we would call this a “waiver.” It recognizes that a norm may not apply to a given situation.)

[1] C. 87 §1.  

[2] C. 134.  

[3] C. 88. 

[4] C. 89.

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor