Particular Norms for Overnight Trips with Children and Youth

1.    All employees and volunteers in the diocese are bound to safeguard the physical, emotional and

spiritual well-being of minors. (See 2.1.1 Norms to Protect the Good of Persons and the Common Good in the Diocese.)

2.    The Department of Education and Catechesis, in consultation with the safe environment coordinator, is competent to develop standards for field, overnight and extended trips by minors under the auspices of the parishes, schools, organizations and offices of the diocese. (Illustratively, youth leadership camp, rallies, pilgrimages, other trips or stays that are part of a curriculum, or for which the parish, school, organization or office provides transportation, organization or staff.)

   a.    It is also responsible to develop appropriate permission, health history/medical or other forms that implement the standards.

   b.    These standards and forms are to be reviewed by the diocesan legal advisor before they are submitted to the chancellor for approval. After approval, they are to be posted at the diocesan website.

3. Parishes, schools, organizations and offices are to use these standards and forms. However, they may add rules that increase, but do not decrease, the safety provided by the standards. (See Guidelines for Overnight Trips with Youth and Teens, 4-18-06, at diocesan website.[1])

Date approved by Bishop

Posted by
Msgr. S. J. Raica