2.1.4 Diocese of Lansing Employee Handbook

1.    The policies and other norms contained in the Diocese of Lansing Employee Handbook, as revised from time to time, bind determined groups of employees in the Diocese of Lansing. [1]

2.    Those employees are required to acknowledge having received, read and understood this handbook in writing or by electronic means. A form for this is to be provided by the Diocese of Lansing.

3.    The director of human resources of the diocese is responsible for keeping a current version of this handbook posted on the diocesan website.

(Employees of central diocesan services provide this acknowledgement to the diocesan Office of Human Resources. Those employed by parishes, their schools and the inter-parochial schools provide this acknowledgement to the pastor or principal as appropriate. The separate employee handbooks that exist for Faith Catholic and the various agencies of Catholic Charities should be consulted for their provisions regarding acknowledgement.)

[1] Diocese of Lansing Employee Handbook, revised and approved by Bishop of Lansing. The most current version is available at diocesan website through the Human Resources page.

Date approved by Bishop

Posted by
Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor