2.1.6 Harassment Policy and Procedures

1.    The mission of the Church, the nature of its ministry and the right to human dignity absolutely prohibit harassment of any kind, sexual or otherwise, by anyone in any parish, school, agency, ministry or institution subject to the Bishop of the Diocese of Lansing.

2.    The abuse of authority, office or position for personal gain that coerces another person is similarly prohibited.

3.    Since this misconduct by any of the persons mentioned in #2.1.1 (Norms to Protect the Good of Persons and the Common Good in the Diocese) is not to be tolerated in any way, it must be reported immediately according to the norms of # Duty to Report Allegations of Misconduct, Abuse, Neglect.

4.    Administrators and others in positions of authority are to take protective and corrective measures promptly when they become aware of, or properly suspect, harassment by others not listed in #2.1.1. The diocesan legal counsel should be contacted.

Date approved by Bishop

Posted by
Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor