2.2.2 Ministry Formation Program

1.    The approved Diocese of Lansing Ministry Formation Program includes four components: human development, theological study, spiritual formation, and opportunities to develop pastoral skills.

   a.    The diocese approves the Program in Theological Studies, Siena Heights University, Adrian, as a program of theological study.

   b.    The diocese approves the programs at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit.

   c.    The diocese also approves some distance learning programs.

2.    Equivalencies, subject to the approval of the appropriate diocesan offices in number 3 below, may be accepted from other programs.

3.    The director of Lay Ecclesial Ministry administers the Ministry Formation Program. Programs of spiritual, pastoral and human formation are to be conducted by the other appropriate diocesan offices according to their competence: Catechesis, Youth, Young Adult and Campus Ministry; Evangelization, RCIA and Adult Faith Formation; and Worship.

4.    To be admitted into the Ministry Formation Program and continue in it, a person must be sponsored by a diocesan department or office, a parish, an inter-parochial school, a diocesan high school, or some agency or ministry under the direction of the diocese (i.e., subject to the governance of the Bishop of Lansing).

   a.    This sponsorship requires a written endorsement by the pastor or the proper administrator of a non-parish unit according to the form provided by the Office of Lay Ecclesial Ministry.

   b.    This endorsement is to be renewed in writing on a yearly basis, or else it expires.

   c.    It is recommended that an applicant have at least one year of experience in a ministerial or pastoral setting prior to receiving this endorsement.

   d.    The sponsoring unit should obtain a written commitment from the participant for at least one year of service after completing the program. For a just cause, however, the pastor or proper administrator of a non-parish unit may waive the subsequent year of service.

Date approved by Bishop

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor