2.2.3 Formation for the Permanent Diaconate

1.    The diocesan bishop is the final authority in determining admission into formation and suitability for ordination. The Director of Permanent Deacons assists the diocesan bishop in the recruitment, admission and formation of permanent deacons in the manner he specifies according to the norms of law. [1]

2.    Men who have satisfied the application and screening process, the required theological preparation and a year of aspirancy may be admitted by the diocesan bishop into a three year program of candidacy for diaconate.

3.    Enrollment and successful completion of the diocesan Ministry Formation Program (see #2.2.2) provides the required theological component for formation. However, equivalency for some or all of the academic or formational components may be granted by the Office of Deacons upon examination of a certified transcript and course catalog describing the course(s) intended for equivalency.

4.    The minimum age for ordination to the permanent diaconate for both married and single men is thirty- five. [2] Application for entry into candidate formation by men beyond the age of 62 shall be handled on a case by case basis.

5.    The Diocese of Lansing may provide various aspects of this formation for candidates of other Catholic Churches, religious institutes or dioceses. While every attempt is made to respect the tradition of the other Catholic Churches, such formation is conducted within the context of the Latin Rite Church.

6. Following ordination to the permanent diaconate, the newly ordained men must participate in a special three year period of  post ordination formation under the direction of the Office of Permanent Deacons. [3]

[1]    United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, National Directory for the Formation, Ministry, and Life of Permanent Deacons in the United States, promulgated 24 December 2004; effective 10 August 2005) 271272, et alia.; available at the USCCB website. Hereafter NDPD.   

[2]    NDPD n. 87.

[3]    NDPD, see n. 254 and norm 1 following chapter 7 (p. 120).

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