2.2.7 Vocations Awareness Presentations

1.    All parishes must promote vocations. This duty falls to the priests, deacons, pastoral coordinators, and the leadership of schools and catechesis.

2.    Vocations presentations by visitors to Catholic schools and catechetical programs in the Diocese (grade schools, middle schools and high schools) should be coordinated through the Department of Vocations. All materials used and/or distributed to the students at these presentations should come from the Department of Formation.

3.    All vocation presentations will highlight the importance of Baptism, our sacrament of initiation into a life with Christ. Presentations will focus on the relationship with Christ as the foundation for knowing one's vocation; emphasizing that vocation to the priesthood, consecrated life, diaconate, or marriage is initiated by the Lord. It is only through the grace of our Baptism, lived out in relationship with the Lord, that we can respond to the Lord's call to holiness and state in life. A call to serve in lay ministry or other careers/ministries will be discussed and differentiated from the calling to a permanent state of life.

4.    It is advised that all speakers invited to address the topic of vocation at diocesan events (such as jamborees or other youth events) be cleared by the chair of the Department of Formation.

Date approved by Bishop

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor