3.2.4 Installation of Pastors

1.    Newly appointed pastors take canonical possession of their parishes on the effective date stated in the letter of appointment.

2.    Priests who are appointed pastor are to make a profession of faith with the oath of fidelity according to the formula of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. [1] (See #4.7 Profession of Faith and Oath of Fidelity.)

3.    When a pastor is appointed, he is to be publicly installed by a liturgical rite as soon as possible. [2] The order for the installation of a pastor contained in the Book of Blessings may be used for this purpose. (The Office of Worship may be consulted for other options.)

4.    The document for taking formal possession of the parish (i.e., the profession of faith and the oath of fidelity) is to be signed in duplicate and witnessed by the bishop or his delegate. One copy of the document is to be filed in the parish archives, and the other is to be returned to the chancery.

[1] c. 833, 6°.

[2] Book of Blessings [USA], nn 2012-2045; pp 769-778 [ICEL, Liturgical Press, 1989]. The diocesan bishop or administrator conducts this personally, may delegate another priest, or may dispense from installation for a just cause. See c. 527.

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