Eastern Catholic Children and Eucharist

1. In the Eastern Catholic sui iuris Churches, the Eucharist is received within the baptismal liturgy. This includes infants (unless there is clear proof to the contrary).

    The parents of an Eastern Catholic child who was baptized by a Latin priest for some reason should be advised to approach the priests of their own sui iuris church to receive "First Communion" in their own autonomous Church (if this has not occurred).

    However, an Eastern Catholic child who has reached the use of reason but has not already received the Eucharist may be prepared for first communion and may receive in the Latin parish individually or in association with the children of the Latin parish. [1]

2. Members of Eastern Catholic sui iuris churches may participate in the Eucharist in Latin liturgies on the same basis as Latin Catholics, including as liturgical ministers. [2] Note that this includes the right of Eastern Catholic children who have received the Eucharist but are still under the age of seven years to continue to receive the Eucharist which may be provided by means of a small particle of the consecrated host or a small amount of the precious blood administered by means of a spoon. [3]

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor