3.7.1 Norms for Associations of the Faithful

1. Any group or association that desires to promote or sustain apostolic action in the diocese may present itself as sponsored, praised, recommended, recognized, or established by the Church only by the presentation of an authentic document to the chancellor.

2. To assist the bishop to coordinate apostolic action among private associations in the diocese [1]  and to exercise vigilance when the law requires it, [2]

   a. Private associations are encouraged to provide the annual report described in number 3 to the chancellor. Only those which do, may be referenced in the diocesan directory and at the diocesan website.

   b. Private associations of the faithful are encouraged to provide an up-to-date copy of their statutes to the chancellor. However, this does not alter their canonical status.

3. Public associations of the faithful that are subject to the diocesan bishop are required to provide an up-to-date copy of their statutes to the chancellor and an annual report.

   a. Unless their statutes provide otherwise, they are to use a form provided by the chancellor for this purpose.

   b. The annual report to the chancellor is to describe the canonical status, mission, goals, significant accomplishments and activities, leadership and contact information, and membership of the association. It includes an account of administration and the disposition of offerings and alms according to the provisions of canon 319 §§1-2 and canon 1287 §§1-2. All financial reporting is to be reviewed by the chief financial officer.

[1] c. 394 §1.

[2] cc. 305 §2, 323, 223, 392 §1.

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor