4.3.1 General Norms for Education, Catechesis and Schools

1. The Board of Education and Catechesis develops and recommends policy to the diocesan bishop on the catechetical / education ministry of the diocese according to the norms of its charter and by-laws approved by the diocesan bishop (August 1998). Details of its establishment, mission, competence, and length of continuation are contained in its charter. (This document is available from the Department of Education and Catechesis.)

2. The diocesan bishop delegates authority to the chairperson of the Department of Education and Catechesis to interpret the policies that he either issues or approves, to establish administrative regulations subject to his approval, and to assist in their implementation. (Also see #1.7 Authority to Interpret Norms.)

3. The diocesan policies and administrative regulations regarding catechetical instruction and Catholic education as well as certain associated personnel, legal, contractual and administrative matters are contained in the Education Policy Handbook.

4. Pastors, pastoral coordinators, principals, directors of religious education, coordinators of youth ministry, and chairpersons of parish or other education commissions and school boards must keep and maintain a current copy of the Education Policy Handbook.

5. Catechetical and educational leaders must maintain current copies of any diocesan handbook which pertains to their area of duty.

6. Inter parochial Catholic Schools have been constituted as public juridic persons and are governed by their own statutes (September 15, 1987) without prejudice to the policies in the Education Policy Handbook. (This document is available from the diocesan Department of Education and Catechesis.)

7. No policy, administrative regulation, or operating procedure may be established by a parish, school, or catechetical program which is in conflict with a policy issued or approved by the diocesan bishop, unless he has expressly made other provision to the contrary.

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor