Speakers at Sponsored Events or on Church Property

1. To protect the integrity of faith and the unity of the Church, the following norms apply to events sponsored by the diocese, its offices and agencies, its parishes, its schools, and its public juridic persons, or which are to take place on their property.

   a. Speakers or groups that act or advocate in opposition to the teaching or governance of the Church are not to be considered for presentations or programs in the diocese, nor are they to be promoted by announcements, newsletters or other means of communication.

   b. Speakers from outside the diocese who are being considered to give a presentation on faith and morals, or to conduct spiritual exercises, must receive a nihil obstat from the diocesan bishop before the invitation is extended.  This is to obtained through the appropriate department chair (i.e., Catholic Charities, Education and Catechesis, Formation) or, if it is more appropriate, the chancellor.

Date approved by Bishop

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor