Confirmation in Typical Circumstances

1. Candidates for confirmation are to be in grade eight or older. [1] However, it is preferred that confirmation be conferred before the end of tenth grade. [2]

2. Their preparation is to be at least one year in duration before confirmation. However, a pastor may establish a policy requiring two years of preparation. [3]

3. For parishes confirming in the fall of the year, the preparation should begin in the fall of the preceding year.

4. A recently issued and fully annotated baptismal certificate is to be obtained for each candidate to establish proof of valid baptism or reception into communion with the Church, and to establish the fact that a candidate has not yet been confirmed.

[1] See cc. 889-891 and USCCB, complementary norm, canon 891. Available at USCCB website. Also see c. 775 §1 and c. 777, 1-5°°.

[2] See Confirmation Protocol and Preparation.

[3] See Confirmation Protocol and Preparation.

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor