Additional Masses and Services During Holy Thursday

1. It is permitted to celebrate another Mass in a church or oratory on Holy Thursday in the evening, and in the case of genuine necessity also in the morning, in those cases where the faithful cannot be present for Mass in the church. Such Masses must not be celebrated simply for the benefit of private persons or special small groups or with prejudice to the principal evening Mass. [1] This permission with its qualification includes the oratories of religious houses.

2. "If the size or nature of a parish or other community indicates the pastoral need for an additional liturgical service on Good Friday" it may be repeated. [2] The determination must be made in the best interests of the liturgical life of the parish and not for the convenience of an individual group.

3. After the entire celebration of the Easter Vigil, an additional Mass may be celebrated in anticipation of Easter Sunday for pastoral reasons with these conditions: "a) The celebration takes place after the Easter Vigil. The Mass of the vigil is used, omitting the introductory part and the Easter proclamation . . . . After the Gloria the liturgy of the Word takes place . . . ; the baptismal liturgy is omitted. The profession of faith follows or in its place the rite of renewal of baptismal promises takes place. b) The Easter Vigil should not begin before nightfall." [3]

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