5.6.2 Investigaiton of Freedom to Marry and Banns of Marriage

1. Priests, deacons and others who investigate the freedom of the parties to marry are to observe the complementary norm of the episcopal conference for c. 1067. [1] (See resources for a summary of its provisions and the topic of banns.)

2. Form M-A, Prenuptial Questionnaire, is to be used to establish the freedom of each of the parties to marry.

3. Form M-B, Prenuptial Affidavit, is to be used to establish freedom to marry when either party is not well known to the priest or deacon (cc. 1066-1070) or to prove the baptismal status when a certificate is not available (c. 876).

4. Requests for the publication of the banns of marriage that are made by other Catholic dioceses, parishes or authorities are to be honored, however.

[1] c. 1067; NCCB (USCCB) complementary legislation on canon 1067, approved November 18, 1998, with recognitio by the Congregation for Bishops, September 30, 2000. Available at USCCB website, http://www.usccb.org/beliefs-and-teachings/what-we-believe/canon-law/complementary-norms/canon-1067the-investigation-of-freedom-to-marry.cfm.

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