5.6.4 Requirments of Canon 1125 in Mixed Marriage, Disparity of Cult and Other Cases

1. The requirements of c. 1125 are to be met and verified by the priest or deacon through the M-1 Form, Application for Dispensation, when any of the following is sought from the local ordinary: [1]    

   a. Permission for Mixed Marriage (see #;

   b. Dispensation from Disparity of Cult (see #;

   c. Permission to assist at the marriage of a person who has notoriously rejected the Catholic faith (see # [2]

(For the marriage of a catechumen or a candidate to a non-Catholic, see the advisories following #5.B.2 and #5.B.3.)

[1] c. 1126 and NCCB [USCCB] complementary norm on canon 1126, Declarations and Promises: Mixed Marriages, October 21, 1983. Available at USCCB website, http://www.usccb.org/beliefs-andteachings/what-we-believe/canon-law/complementary-norms/.

[2] See c. 1071 §2.

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