Permissions for Lawful Marriage Required by Canon 1071

1. Form M-1 Application for Dispensation, is to be used to request the various permissions of the local ordinary that c. 1071 requires for the lawful celebration of marriage, apart from cases of necessity.    

   a. marriage of transients (vagi, i.e., those who have neither a domicile or quasi-domicile); [1]

   b. a marriage which cannot be recognized or celebrated according to the norm of civil law (see # Civil Requirements for Marriages);

   c. a marriage of a person who is bound by natural obligations toward another party or children arising from a previous union;

    (However, many priests and deacons have this permission by virtue of their faculties. See # Provincial Faculties for Priests, no. 10 and # Faculties of Permanent Deacons Assigned to Parish or other Ministerial Service, no. 5.)

   d. a marriage of a person who has notoriously rejected the Catholic faith;

   e. a marriage of a person who is under a canonical censure (i.e., excommunication or interdict);

   f. a marriage of a minor child when the parents are unaware or reasonably opposed;

   g. a marriage to be entered into through a proxy as mentioned in c. 1105.

[1] c. 100.

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