Recommended Consultation Before Marriage

1. The person who conducts the investigation is strongly advised to consult the chancery for guidance in the following cases:

   a. When the question of an antecedent and perpetual impotence on the part of either party has been raised (c. 1084).

   b. A local ordinary has prohibited one or both parties from marriage [1] or a tribunal has attached a prohibition (vetitum) to a decree of invalidity for one or both parties. [2] (This will help to clarify how it might be lifted. Some prohibitions require lifting by the local ordinary and others by a tribunal. Though, the tribunal of the Diocese of Lansing can be approached directly in cases in which it imposed the prohibition.)

   c. The marriage is to proceed under the conditions of dissolution of marriage in favor of the faith. [3]

(This is done to ensure that any terms of the rescript of the Holy See are properly observed.)

   d. One of the parties has been dispensed from the obligations of the clerical state and celibacy (whether voluntary or imposed as a dismissal) or has received a decree of nullity of orders. (This is done to ensure that any terms of the rescript that pertain to marriage are observed.)

[1] c. 1077 §1.

[2] c. 1684, Dignitas connubii, art. 251. Also see CCEO canons 789, 5° and 1370 §1.

[3] See Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Norms To Complete the Process for the Dissolution of the Matrimonial Bond in Favor of the Faith (2001).

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