5.8 Sacred Places and Sacred Times

(This subsection considers the regulation of sacred places and sacred times as treated specifically in cc. 1205-1253, Part III of Book IV on Sanctifying Function. These sacred places include churches, oratories, chapels, shrines, altars, cemeteries, mausoleums and columbaria. [1] It treats sacred times: feast days that require participation at Mass, days of penance that require fast and abstinence, as well as the dispensation or commutation of those obligations. [2]
By way of difference, #5.E Proper Place- Parish and Times for Acts of Divine Worship treats the territorial place and the proper parish for certain acts of divine worship. It considers where certain acts of divine worship may be lawfully conducted, first, in terms of the proper place of territory (e.g., the parish) and second, in terms of the buildings or locations within a territory. It also treats when certain acts of divine worship are restricted or even not permitted (i.e., the particular days or times of day in the liturgical calendar).)

[1] cc. 1205-1243.

[2] cc. 1244-1253.

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor