Certification of Incardinated Priest and Deacons or Those With Diocesan Faculties

1. A priest who requires a certification of suitability for ministry, or other kind of certification for civil purposes, may request one through the chancellor. A permanent deacon who requires a certification makes the request to the chancellor through the Office of Permanent Deacons.

2. The priest or deacon should provide any documents or forms that have been furnished by the other ecclesiastical or civil authority. He should also provide any other information that the diocese needs to evaluate and honor the request.

3. However, even if the authority does not require it, the priest or deacon must also furnish:

   a. the name of the ecclesiastical authority (see above) or civil authority that requires certification and the proper individual or office which should receive it (chancery, safe environment office, parish pastor, state or provincial agency, etc.);

   b. a correct mailing address, fax number or email contact;

   c. the nature of the service or reason for ministering in that diocese;

   d. the dates of arrival in the place outside the diocese and departure from that diocese.

4. A letter of certification and / or any forms will be returned by letter, fax or email attachment to the requesting ecclesiastical or civil authority as it requires or permits. An authentic copy may also be given to the priest or deacon. All documents of suitability are preserved in authentic copy in the files of the chancellor or in the Office of Permanent Deacons.

Date approved by Bishop

Posted by
Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor