Presence, Residence or Ministry of Diocesan Deacons Outside the Diocese

1. A deacon must inform the diocesan bishop through the Office of Deacons in writing if he intends to move outside the diocese or to be absent from it for more than 30 consecutive calendar days. [1] The deacon is to inform the Office of Deacons of his new address and phone number as soon as possible.

2. The director, after he has consulted the chancellor, is authorized to provide letters of suitability for any deacon of this diocese who has been requested to provide them by the curia of another diocese or by a religious community.

3. Upon the written request from such a diocese or community and the written permission of the deacon, the director, after he has consulted the chancellor, is authorized to present that diocese or community with any records that it requires in order to grant faculties or permissions for ministry or to evaluate incardination.

4. Deacons who are incardinated in this diocese but reside elsewhere are subject to the particular laws of that diocese. However, they continue to be required to provide an annual accounting of ministry to the diocesan bishop of Lansing according to # Annual Reporting by Deacons. They may submit it according to any format used in that diocese in which they reside.

[1] C. 283 ยง1.

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor