Ministry Agreement of Deacons

1. All deacons who are assigned by the diocesan bishop are required to have a Ministry Agreement with the pastor or priest supervisor of their primary place of assigned ministerial service. Senior deacons are exempt from this.

2. The Office of Deacons is to determine the format of this agreement subject to the approval of the diocesan bishop.

3. The format is to complement the letter of canonical appointment by making the duties of the deacon and the exercise of his faculties concrete, measurable and subject to accountability in light of the circumstances of the assignment.

4. It must also express the financial and in-kind assistance which the place of assignment is obliged to provide for the ministerial expenses, continuing education and spiritual development of the deacon and the participation of his spouse in activities to which she is invited or is expected to attend. This assistance is to conform to the norms presented in # Support for Permanent Deacons.

5. The deacon, his spouse (if married) and the pastor or priest supervisor must approve and sign the agreement. The Director of Deacons is competent to assist deacons and pastors or priest supervisors to review and revise the agreement.

6. The deacon and the pastor or priest supervisor are each to keep a copy of the revised agreement, and the deacon is to forward the original to the Office of Deacons.

7. The Director of Deacons is to review, sign and maintain one copy of the agreement. He is to inform the diocesan bishop about any significant issues that have been raised and about any deacon who fails to provide this agreement without reason.

8. The agreement must be reviewed and revised every three years. It must be reviewed when there is a change of pastor or priest supervisor. It is recommended that it be reviewed when there are significant changes in the duty or other circumstances. In these cases, it may be revised.

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor