Leave of Absence of Deacons

1. A deacon who wishes a “temporary leave” from his assigned ministerial activity must request permission of the diocesan bishop in writing through the Office of Deacons.

2. The request must provide reason(s). These might involve circumstances of health, family, education, the demands of secular employment, or other grave reasons.

3. The request must indicate a period of time for which this leave is sought.

4. The Director of Deacons is to study the request in consultation with the deacon and his pastor or priest supervisor and to present his recommendation to the diocesan bishop.

5. Any approval of temporary leave by the diocesan bishop as well as any conditions that he attaches to it are to be communicated to the deacon's [pastor or priest] supervisor by the Director of Deacons.

6. During the leave, the deacon is relieved from the obligations attached to his canonical assignments and from any duties specified in his Ministry Agreement.

7. During the leave, the deacon is to observe any conditions that the diocesan bishop has imposed, including the possible limitation or suspension of faculties. He is to maintain monthly contact with the Director of Deacons.

8. Before the end of the leave, the Director of Deacons is to consult with the deacon regarding whether he is ready to resume his assigned ministerial activity or wishes to request approval for an additional specified period of time.

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor