Senior Status of Deacons

1. A deacon may request senior status for reasons of age, health, or significant family circumstances.

2. A request to be relieved of all assignments contained in any letters of appointment by the diocesan bishop is understood to be attached to this request, unless the deacon indicates otherwise.

3. Retirement from an occupation does not equate to resignation from an appointment or convey entry into senior status. Even though retired from their occupation, deacons are encouraged to minister as long as health and other circumstances permit.

4. A request for senior status is to be made to the diocesan bishop through the Office of Deacons in a letter which contains the reason(s). A copy is to be given to the pastor or priest supervisor by the deacon.

5. If the diocesan bishop approves the request, the deacon is relieved of his assignment(s) on the date indicated in his letter of acceptance. The letter of acceptance by the diocesan bishop will indicate the faculties which the deacon will continue to possess.

6. Deacons in senior status are encouraged to maintain some kind of ministerial relationship in the parish where they reside.

7. Deacons in senior status are not bound to the obligations of ongoing formation, the annual report of ministerial activity and the Ministry Agreement.

Date approved by Bishop

Posted by
Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor