Deacon Assistance Fund

1. The provisions of the Permanent Deacon Community Charity Assistance Fund were adopted by the diocesan bishop and the trustees in October 2003. The objective and goal of the organization is to provide funds and assistance to deacons, and to widows and families of deacons in times of need and emergency. Further information is available from the Office of Deacons or the diocesan finance officer.

2. Requests to the Deacon Assistance Fund Board may be made by the individual in need, by a concerned member of the deacon community or through the Deacon Advisory Council. Such requests shall be brought to the attention of the Board by the Director of Deacons for its consideration. [1]

[1] NDPD, n. 94: "Permanent deacons are to take care of their own and their family’s needs using income derived from their full-time employment by the diocese, parish, or secular profession. In an individual situation of need, the diocesan Church ought to assist the deacon and his family in charity."

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor