5.B.10 Right to Marriage, Delay for a Just Cause and Recource

1. TheĀ  General Provincial Policies are to be observed regarding the delay of marriage and an appeal of the delay. (SeeĀ  Marriage, Delay and Appeal - Provincial) which accompanies this policy.)

2. When a physically, mentally or developmentally impaired person presents himself or herself for marriage and a doubt arises about the capacity for marriage, the pastor is to consult an appropriate diocesan office. (e.g., the chancery or the tribunal) [2]

[1] Diocesan Bishops of the State of Michigan [Province of Detroit], General Provincial Policies Guidelines, Proposals, and Universal Law Regarding Marriage Preparation and Celebration under General and Specific Policies, [date]; promulgated by Bishop [] for the Diocese of Lansing.

[2] Also see Disability Guidelines, nn. 34-39.

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor