5.B.11 Right of Christian Funeral and Denial

1. No person otherwise eligible is to be deprived of Christian funeral.

   a. The Christian faithful departed are to be given ecclesiastical funeral rites according to the norm of law. [1]

   b. Catechumens are counted among the Christian faithful for purposes of funerals, and candidates for reception into full communion are to be treated on a similar basis in the diocese. [2]

   c. Ecclesiastical funeral rites may be granted in the diocese to a child who died before baptism and whose parents, even if non-Catholic, intended to have it baptized Catholic. [3]

   d. Ecclesiastical funeral rites may be granted in the diocese to non-Catholics in other circumstances under the norms of # Catholic Funeral Rites for non-Catholics.

2. The pastor is to consult the local Ordinary and follow his judgment:

   a. before a deceased Catholic is deprived of ecclesiastical funeral rites on the basis of

   b. when doubt arises about the suitability of ecclesiastical funeral rites for a non-Catholic.

   c. 1184, or this is proposed to the family or others involved in funeral arrangements, [4] or

3. Suicides may not be deprived of Catholic funeral rites on that basis alone. [5]

4. The mere non-practice or continued neglect of the faith does not exclude the right of a deceased Catholic to a Christian funeral. [6]

5. No one can be deprived of ecclesiastical funeral rites because of poverty. [7]

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor