5.E.1 Proper Parish and Place for Divine Worship in General

1. Acts of divine worship are to be celebrated in the sacred places (church, oratory, chapel, cemetery [1]) that the canons, the approved liturgical texts and the following norms designate unless they permit, provide an exception, or a case of necessity exists.

2. If a parish has more than one church, such as another church or oratory, the norms of #3.2.2 Churches Other than the Parochial Church are to be applied. (They are also available in Appendix Q of Planning Tomorrow’s Churches: A Guide to Parish Clusters, Mergers and Closures, revised January 2009. It can be obtained from the Office of the Bishop.)

3. The chancery is to be contacted when a situation presents a doubt, an exceptional circumstance exists, or a permission from the local ordinary or the diocesan bishop is required.

[1] CC. 1205-1243.

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor