5.E.2 Proper Parish of Baptism

1. If parents who live outside the territory of a parish request baptism for their child, the pastor, with pastoral sensitivity, should refer them to their proper pastor. Only by exception and for a just cause may a baptism be celebrated in a parish other than the one in which the parents reside, and with at least the tacit consent of both pastors. (Also see #3.1.6 Pastoral Care of Eastern Catholics in General and #3.10 Members of Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter.)

2. In this case, the two pastors are strongly urged to coordinate parental catechesis or the steps in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, to discern the suitable disposition of the parents or of the adult, and to provide pastoral follow-up, participation in the life of the parish and proper mystagogy. (See #5.B.5 Delay of Infant Baptism.)

3. These norms are to be applied with suitable adjustment in the baptism of adults, which include children of catechetical age.

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor