5.E.6 Place and Proper Parish of Funeral Rites

1. A funeral for any deceased member of the faithful is generally to be celebrated in his or her parish church but there are exceptions that permit the funeral to take place in the church of another parish. [1]

2. Any member of the faithful or those competent to take care of the funeral of a deceased member of the faithful may choose another church for the funeral rite with the consent of the person who governs it and after notifying the proper pastor of the deceased. [2]

3. Pastors are encouraged to act with charity and generosity when ecclesiastical funeral rites are requested for a deceased person who does not belong to the parish. [3]

[1] c. 1177. 

[2] c. 1177 §2.

[3] c. 1177.

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor