5.G.1.2 Non Sacramental Records and Materials

1. Parish councils, commissions and other groups sponsored by the parish are to maintain nonsacramental records, rosters and reports according to the following norms.

2. Organizational documents are to be maintained permanently. (These illustratively include constitutions, charters, statutes, bylaws, minutes of meetings signed by president and submitted by secretary.)

3. Membership lists of parish councils, commissions and other groups for each year are to be maintained indefinitely.

4. Annual and similar reports of councils, commissions and these other groups to the pastor or the parish are to be maintained indefinitely.

5. Printed bulletins and similar weekly communications as well as any monthly or quarterly newsletters are to be kept permanently. (These include announcement books, which preceded bulletins.)

6. Printed bulletins are to be bound annually and preserved in the parish.

7. Monthly or quarterly communications may be bound into a single volume encompassing several years.

8. Rules, regulations or policies which have been approved by the pastor should be maintained until superseded.

9. Correspondence which is sent uniquely to the parish is to be maintained indefinitely (not correspondence sent to all parishes).

10. Copies of curial documents establishing or altering the parish (e.g., boundaries) as well as documents that authenticate relics of the parish are to be maintained indefinitely.

11. The following materials that relate to parish activities and history are to be maintained permanently.

   a. The list of the charter members of the parish and any histories of the parish

   b. Photographs of staff, events, buildings and grounds, with an identification of the people, place, occasion and date (a best representative sample may be kept if there are many of them)    

   c. Rosters of parishioners, such as parish directories (pictorial, address, or mixed)

   d. Anniversary programs, announcements, booklets, invitations, etc.

   e. Copies of flyers or posters from annual events or special occasions of the parish, such as missions or festivals.

   f. Newspaper and magazine articles that feature the parish, its activities or people as well as indication of their sources and dates. Newspaper clippings should be photocopied on 24 lb. archival quality paper for better preservation, and the original may be discarded.

   g. Documents attesting to the Blessing or Dedication of the Church, and / or Altar and the installation of the pastor.

12. Multiple copies of the same item and merely routine correspondence may be discarded when convenient.

13. Mass books for which all the intentions have been satisfied may be discarded after three years.

Date approved by Bishop

Posted by
Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor