5.G.1.3 Records for Catholic Schools, Catechetical Programs and Child Care Programs

1. Catholic schools and catechetical programs are to keep student and faculty handbooks, programs for special events, class and staff pictures, year books, and lists of staff including dates of service.

2. Academic and child care programs are to maintain records according to the following schedule. [1]

   a. The record of name, address, date of birth, enrollment and academic progress, graduation, report cards for each student is to be kept indefinitely. Other formal papers (e.g., health and permission forms, attendance records) may be destroyed five years after a student leaves.

   b. High school records of suspensions and major discipline may be destroyed five years after a student leaves.  Guidance and counseling records may be destroyed when the student is 25 years old.   

c. K-8 records of suspension and discipline are to be destroyed each summer.

d. Informal papers (e.g., teacher’s notes) may be destroyed each summer.

e. Licenses (e.g., operation of child care program, etc., accreditations) are to be kept indefinitely.

f. Permission / waiver forms may be destroyed after ten years or when the children of that grade are 25 years of age, whichever is later.

g. One copy of the annual student/parent handbook, the faculty handbook, and the student yearbook is to be kept forever.

3. Otherwise, norms for preserving records and materials pertaining to Catholic schools or catechetical programs are contained in the Education Policy Manual.

[1] Adapted from Record Retention Policy.

Date approved by Bishop

Posted by
Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor