5.G.2.1 Inscription of Sacramental Records and Registers

1. All entries, annotations and other changes in sacramental records and registers are to be inscribed (i.e., put in writing) accurately, promptly and legibly.

2. They are to be printed (rather than written in script or cursive) with black permanent ink. (Archival suppliers carry pens that are waterproof and fade proof. Other colors as well as felt pens or pencils are not suitable.)

3. They must be made in the registers first. They are never to be made first in any electronic form or only made electronically.

4. If a record is corrected or modified in any way later, the original information is never to be erased, "whited out" or crossed out. This includes notes of marriages which were subsequently declared invalid or dissolved. The original information may be bracketed by parentheses, and the change added as an annotation.

5. Questions about applying these norms and doubtful cases regarding entries, changes and corrections are to be referred to the diocesan chancellor, vice-chancellor or archivist.

Date approved by Bishop

Posted by
Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor