5.G.2.3 Correction of Error in Sacramental Records and Registers

1. Factual errors are to be corrected only when an authentic document can be presented to the pastor for evaluation. The pastor is to initial and date any correction that he approves.

2. The authentic document is to be cited in the annotation. The document or a true copy is to be kept permanently in the supplemental files and cross referenced with the register, its page number and date of entry.

3. Changes that are permitted with supporting documentation include: correction to spelling of name, correction to date, new legal name, adoptive parents.

4. Changes that are not permitted include: “new” godparents or sponsors, non-adopting stepparents, nicknames. (However, see the limited exceptions in #5.G.4.3 Recording and Reporting Baptism in Cases of Unmarried or Unknown Parents or Anticipation of Adoption, regarding “honorary godparents” and #5.G.4.6 Godparents and Proxies, Substitutions and Unusual Circumstances- Resources.)

5. Incomplete or missing information may be supplemented or added under same condition as a factual error.

6. Merely incidental errors, such as obvious mistakes in spelling or dates out of sequence, may be corrected with the approval of the pastor who is to initial and date any correction.

Date approved by Bishop

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor