5.G.2.4 Name Change and Sacramental Records

1. If an authentic civil document proves a legal change of name, the baptismal record may be altered by drawing a single line through the old name, writing the new name above the previous name and giving the date of the legal change. (The new name should be added to the index and a reference made next to the “old name" in the index. A copy of the authentic civil document needs to be preserved in the supplemental file for the sacramental registers.)

2. If a certificate is being issued for marriage purposes, the certificate is to make clear the sex of the person at the time of baptism, by using the baptismal name (e.g. “John Smith" baptized as “Jane Smith", or using “son of" or “daughter of" in place of “child of.”

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor