5.G.4.6 Baptismal Records, Parents, Godparents and Proxies

1. Recording Christian witnesses and proxies requires having sufficient space designated for these roles.

    If an individual is serving as a proxy, then the word "proxy" is to be placed in the entry near the name. If an individual serves as a Christian witness, then the term "Christian witness" is to be placed in parentheses next to, or beneath, the name.

2. The vice-chancellor / archivist may be consulted for assistance in the following cases:

   a. “changing” godparents after the fact of baptism (See resources for Godparents and Proxies, Substitutions and Unusual Circumstances  within #5.G.4.6)

   b. multiple godparents and godparents of same sex;

   c. godparent by proxy;

   d. certifying a godparent;

   e. recording godparents or Christian witnesses when questions arise.

   f. when the child is in the care of a same sex couple, in which case the record is to read "parent" for a legally recognized parent rather than "mother" or "father."

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor