5.G.6 Recording and Reporting Confirmation

1. The names of the confirmed, minister, parents and sponsors as well as the place and date of confirmation are to be entered in the Register of Confirmations of church in which it is conferred. [1] They are to be listed in alphabetical order, first of the children, and then of the adults. (Some registers also have a place to record confirmation names.)

2. If confirmation is conferred outside a parish church in danger of death, it is to be reported by the minister to the pastor of the parish in whose territory it took place and entered into its confirmation register. [2] The pastor of the parish is to see to the notification treated in number 4 below.

3. The pastor of the parish in which confirmation is conferred must notify the pastor of the place of baptism or reception (or place of archives) into the Church about the conferral of confirmation.

4. While a parent may not serve as a sponsor for his or her child, [3] the Rite of Confirmation provides that a parent may present the child. If this is done, there is no sponsor and none is listed in the confirmation register. [4] Instead, the entry is to be given as “(mother)” or “(father)” and parenthesized as such.

5. When people from several parishes are confirmed at the same ceremony, the reporting norms expressed in Celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation: Protocol and Preparation, avaliable from the diocesan webite, are observed.

[1] c. 895. See Diocese of Lansing Confirmation Handbook (September 1, 1998), introductory letter from Bishop Mengeling.

[2] c. 883, 3º.

[3] cc. 893:§1, 874, 5º. Neither the code nor the Ecumenical Directory envision this possibility.

[4] Rite of Confirmation, n. 5 treated in Confirmation Handbook, page 19, which references Communicationes 15, n. 189, 1989; also see Rite of Confirmation, n. 21, 38, Notitiae 20 (1984) 211 and CLD 11:203

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor