5.G.9 Recording and Reporting Deaths

1. The deaths of all persons who receive Catholic funerals are to be recorded according to the following norms:

   a. If a funeral is celebrated in the parish church of the deceased or within its territory, the name of the deceased, date of death, the name of the officiant, and date and place of burial are to recorded in the Register of Deaths of that parish, even if burial or interment takes place elsewhere. [1] If only a committal is celebrated, it is similarly recorded.

   b. When a parishioner’s funeral is celebrated in a different parish or church, it is recommended that those facts be recorded in both registers. [2]

   c. Where a parish has a cemetery, entry in a death register does not satisfy the requirement to make and preserve cemetery records, nor do cemetery records satisfy the requirement to make entry in a death register. (See # Cemetery Records in General).

2. If a priest, deacon or pastoral coordinator is called upon to preside at a non-Catholic burial, an entry can be made as above in the register with annotation of the religion of the deceased and the services which were provided.

[1] c. 1182.

[2] This follows a recommendation in the CLSA commentary (2000, p. 1411).

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Msgr. S. J. Raica, chancellor